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15-Jul-2017 09:00

I mean, you're intelligent, successful and obviously very, very pretty.Bunifa: So what, you one of them brothas who ashamed of his heritage?She describes herself as friendly, outgoing and easy to get along with, but is anything but easy to get along with." - Dot Goddard -"Sit your ass on down for a big ol' slice of truth, and a side of wisdom" - Tovah Mc Queen -"Look what I can do!Mark: Um- Bunifa: Okay, let me tell you somethin' brotha.And I'm proud of bein' black, I am proud of my heritage, so you know, if you can't understand it, be acceptin', you know what I'm sayin'?

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I would like to bring up the first Bunifa appearance again.This would be like saying that Will Sasso's Kenny Rodgers impressions in the early times does not count because "it was not the drunk, angry Kenny we all know and love".

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