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At foundries it was common to blend scrap wrought iron with cast iron to improve the physical properties of castings. Historically, coldshort iron was considered good enough for nails.For several years after the introduction of Bessemer and open hearth steel there were different opinions as to what differentiated iron from steel, some thinking it was the chemical composition and others believing it was whether the iron heated sufficiently to melt and “fuse”. Nevertheless, phosphorus is not necessarily detrimental to iron.Furthermore, the presence of phosphorus (without carbon) produces a ductile iron suitable for wire drawing, for piano wire.Wrought iron has been used for many centuries, and is the “iron” that is referred to throughout western history.

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In the course of the smelt, slag would melt and run out, and carbon monoxide from the charcoal would reduce the ore to iron, which formed a spongy mass. If the bloomery was allowed to become hot enough to melt the iron, carbon would dissolve into it and form pig or cast iron, but that was not the intention.

Different forms of bloomery were used at different places and times.