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23-Dec-2017 19:35

You're both kind of pretending to be someone you're not. Have you got ideas going forward about how things are going to change your dating, relationships and so on?And then you get into a relationship and you pull it off, but the longer you're in it, the more you really get to see the other person, and you get to really understand the way their mind works. [Bobby Rio] No, you know I'm at the point now where I'm enjoying myself. I'm at that place, and I'm fortunate enough to be with a woman that I'm in that phase with, and that I enjoy, and that I'm in love with.We had Bobby on the show way back in episode 18 so you might like to check that out also.That was on the topic: How To Not Run Out of Things To Say With Women.

I know you've been on the show before, quite a way back, but we didn't really go into your background last time, so I want to make sure people really get to know who you are this time. [Bobby Rio] I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with dating advice since about 1998.Today we're looking at what to do if you are in a platonic relationship with a girl you are interested in dating, hooking up with, or more.That may sound like a pretty kind of niche topic, but strangely enough, this is extremely common with men.To discuss the topic, I've brought on Bobby Rio from TSB Magazine.

Bobby has been a dating coach since 2005 and we've given many of his courses very strong ratings, actually in the excellent range. His advice and courses typically have a very practical focus, which makes it easy to implement, and that's one of the reasons that these courses stand out and it's great to have him on here.I was surrounded by guys who were not even doing much, and doing really well with them. And I would say that it was just the kind of people can not care.

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