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aflcr revisiting the Ei Lst for the first tinir In tweii- ly-flve yean. Why not extend the principle of Prohibition and make ^mwlatloii unlawful T Whatever Its backs Udlngs and periods ai weak- ness tn the past.

may be- f XHDS-a mar call ia s vital deolston for the Bofliah-speakmg people at 'ttie mmlng Anna Coolerenee," said Ootaoel Wsderlefc Palmer, who ar- rlvad at Victoria on the Emprcu of B^^SSla ye Aterday. As onb authority pute the case:' *f Rinsl« Is thorough." PRINCIPLES AND EXPEDIENCES After speculation passes a certain ascertainable pplnt, lb becomes a vice. w Ul eauss k great deal of privation and much unhapplness.

A5 \om ago as the terrible ex- 'o not lei us forget our comrades either; those who made the ffreat aacrl Ace on land and sea and those ■tngg Ung m the battle of today Let us do ow best aad help them with dollars aad eents, unt U it burta WILLIAM BARTON.

that the ( anadtan National ins Utute Im the uimd win not suffer, but It is unfortunate thot thay should call for help at such a time, already sacred to the whole Dominion and Empire.

_ Odtonlal A uxiliary Porces, Long 9ef Tlefr'8gsda L '^^ewnoerm' N.0.

30:(1 Hv.t Deniiuion W II Plreng Uj Derreiif.e.1 The under- mviitloned (~) R '.s li ivc h Tn struck IS stfto Uy an optional tax, one cannot Il^!

Iftio went out and helped to d Ur his grave, made dumb by the depth of hia sorrow? And thousands of others Who felt and acted, and still act, as that young aoldler acted then I trust, nr.

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That Is the Insurgent elemtnl In the Prime Minister'.; own party, the element with which he was intl mately a Uted before the rt'fiponsibllltif'5 of or Ore eompelled severance of the corimn Mlon, nit political ".slogan" of the Independent Labor Party Is "Soclallam In our own t Une. " That "alogan" apparently Is destined to remain noth- ing more than a "tfogan" for a long time.

In 1996-97,[27] more than 50% of migrants arrived under the Family Stream with about 47% of places being awarded under the Skilled Stream.[28] In comparison, in 2012-13, Australia’s Migration Program is set at 190,000 places,[29] comprising In 2011-12, the Humanitarian Program resulted in 13,759 visas being granted against a planning figure of 13,750.… continue reading »

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The plant is owned by Segas, a joint venture of the Spanish utility Unión Fenosa (40%), Italian oil company Eni (40%) and the Egyptian companies EGAS and EGPC (10% each)., EMethanex, the Egyptian division of Methanex Corporation a Canadian owned company, was building a 3600 MTPD methanol plant.… continue reading »

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This is clear illustration of what my co-authors and I were pointing out about American parties in : the two major US parties are essentially unique in the degree to which party leadership outsources a key power of parties to an actor it cannot control: the power to select candidates.… continue reading »

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If you are selling a box on your website designed to trick users into thinking broken add-ons come from us and work perfectly, so you can make a buck, we’re going to do everything we can to stop you.… continue reading »

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