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"I reported to you on Robert Thompson's gross misconduct in dealing with his advisee's conduct to the discipline committee — despite the fact that he was aware that his advisee had sexually molested another student," Lindemann wrote in a June 1993 letter to Dean of Faculty Andrew Hertig."Worse, Robert misused his authority as the faculty advisor and school minister to insulate (the student) from any formal consequences of his violent act." Lindemann contended Thompson's actions delayed the dean's office from removing the student from campus.In one instance, according to documents submitted to the Exeter Police Department, a student went to Thompson in 1998 to report a dorm mate beating new students with a belt, the complainant claiming, "the Rev.basically made it my responsibility, asking me if I wanted him to have my (classmate) expelled, while I was in tears in his office." Thompson is listed in the documents released this week as one of 16 former and current faculty members who were suspected of failing to report sexual or physical misconduct, according to a research memo from Tracey Flaherty of the New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit on June 16, 2016.Because information about the incident had come to Rev.Thompson in confidence, it was handled in a non-disciplinary matter by arranging for (the alleged offender) to receive a health evaluation by the school's consulting psychiatrist." According to the state police memo, the alleged offender was never reported to the Exeter Police Department or state Division of Children, Youth and Families.A letter in July 2016 garnered hundreds of alumni signatures whose experiences at the academy were "indelibly shaped by the Reverend." Thompson is prohibited by the academy from speaking to the media during his leave.Bruce Bernstein, a 1972 class officer, said Thompson has received inequitable treatment from the academy, as he remains on leave while deans Mischke and Cosgrove continue in their posts and are able to defend themselves.

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Lindemann, whose supervisor was Thompson, wrote numerous letters requesting the academy look into his actions.Those alleged incidents are detailed in later documents, with several pages focusing on a specific series of events in January 1993, when Thompson was accused by former faculty member Carl Lindemann of writing a favorable review for a student just days after he had committed an alleged sexual assault.The student offender, who is listed numerous times among the documents as a suspect, allegedly "engaged in sexual molestation of fellow students" between 19.23, 1993, detailed a particular alleged assault in January of that year, when the same student offender allegedly approached a female student in a "sexual and aggressive manner," with the alleged molestation continuing until another student entered the room.

"(The alleged victim) telephoned her friend in Webster (a student dormitory) and was extremely upset about the incident," the letter reads. Thompson's advice and the young woman was sent to Health Services for counseling.The alleged offender was in the middle of a pending discipline case at the time, according to documents.

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