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Some of the better-known variants include Hack, Net Hack, Ancient Domains of Mystery, Moria, Angband, and Tales of Maj'Eyal.

The Japanese series of Mystery Dungeon games by Chunsoft, inspired by Rogue, also fall within the concept of roguelike games.

The score is displayed in a ranked scoreboard to compare the player's performance on successive runs.

Because of the expansion of numerous variations on the roguelike theme, the gameplay elements characterizing the roguelike genre were explicitly defined at the International Roguelike Development Conference 2008 held in Berlin, Germany; these factors encompass what is known as the "Berlin Interpretation".

Players would use the keyboard, using one keypress to enter a command.

With modern computer systems, users developed alternate means of displaying the game, such as graphical tilesets and Isometric-based graphical front ends, as well as interfaces that took advantage of keyboard and mouse UI controls.

Some games such as Net Hack even have the player's former characters reappear as enemies within the dungeon.

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Though not addressed by the Berline Interpretation, roguelikes are generally single-player games.Defeating monsters earns the character experience points, and after earning enough points, the character will gain an experience level, improving their hit points, magic capability, and other attributes. The character dies if they lose all their hit points.

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