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15-Nov-2017 06:57

You can even buy Ceylon tea, local handicrafts and other Sri Lankan products.

Travellers interested in history should head to Anuradhapura in the country's north.

I feel like a lost soul since living here and have never felt at home. I am currently in the US travelling for medical residency interviews ! I would write more , but then we wouldn't have anything to talk about . Looking for friends and acquaintances all over the place ! Hi Iam sharon Iam looking for pen pals who are pagan or follow any pagan path Ill write to christians too Iam not picky Iam wiccan I practise witchcraft and yes Iam a witch Iam not evil Iam a white witch Iam also a musician I sing in a professional choir I have 3 cats name chloe tiger and baby I will write to pals who are ages 21to 99 years old Valar morghulis :) I solemnly swear that i am up to no good :) Im Zida :) first thing to know about me is that im a very smiley person.

I have not had a penpal for years since I was a boy and today I felt like reaching out to see if anyone is interested in writing back. I love reading , discussing , trivia and quizzing , basketball , soccer , tennis and lots more. Youd think that thats a good thing ,but unfortunately, in certain situations, like funerals , you can see how it can be a problem. I also love pirates of the caribbean ,harry potter and game of thrones. Well, if were to describe myself I would say that i am a person lost in imagination. I am looking for a friend to talk to and share moments of my life.

I am not interested in any topics of a sexual nature and just want to make friends with pe... Anway im 19 years old, as you can see and and..THE BEACONS ARE LIT! I love reading books and writing stuff that I creatively imagine. I am a bit of nerd , but I will not fail to admit my deep interest in literature and science. I don't want just an online fling for a day kind of friendship but a true long friend...

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