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24-Dec-2017 16:07

Do you want to compress your images before uploading them online?Sometimes you may have a large number of photos to be used on your website, so you need to optimize images.Using you can cut those expenses down to more than half.Your images will occupy about 50% space on average (often less) and your bandwidth savings could be an absolute knockout depending on how many page impressions you get.Existing images can be optimized from within the Media Library.Any newly uploaded images are optimized on-the-fly. Install Kraken Plugin for a quick and simple way give your Word Press blog an SEO bump!

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All optimization is carried out by our powerful servers, freeing you from having to utilize your own.

It shows you the before and after version in the form of a slider.

Kraken is an amazing image compression tool that allows you to bulk upload photos and optimize them for the lowest file sizes.

can help you improve your search ranking by significantly speeding up your pages' load times.

Just check out your Google Page Speed Insights report before and after you've run your images through our service.

Image Recycle compress your JPEG, PNG and Gif images and the results are impressive.