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1964: Pepa/Sandra Denton (Jamaican singer; Salt-N-Pepa). 1965: Bryn Terfel (Welsh bass-baritone opera and concert singer).1968: Nazzareno Carusi (Italian international pianist). 1969: Allison Wolfe (US singer; Bratmobile, Cold Cold Hearts, Partyline) 1970: Susan Tedeschi (US blues singer, guitarist) 1970: Scarface/ Bradley Jordan (US southern rapper; The Geto Boys/solo) 1965: David Hawes (UK bassist; Catherine Wheel) 1966: Steve Mackey (UK bassist; Pulp) 1967: Andrew "Mushroom" Vowles (member of the electronic band Massive Attack) 1968: Steve Brookstein (UK singer; UK X Factor winner) 1969: Paul "Kermit" Leveridge (UK rapper, hip-hop artist; Black Grape) 1970: Derry Brownson (UK keyboards (US rapper) 1972: DJ Ashba/Daren Jay Ashba (US guitarist, songwriter; Sixx: A. 1973: Jacqueline Abbott (UK lead singer; Beautiful South) 1974: Kalma/Niko Hurme (Finnish bass player; Lordi).

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1975: Harold Elwin "Bo" Bice Jr (US singer, guitarist; second in the fourth season of American Idol).1982: Kyoko Fukada (Japanese actress, model, singer) 1986: Erika Jo/Erika Jo Heriges (US singer) 1989: Katelyn Tarver (US singer) 1990: Kendall Schmidt (US singer, actor) 1945: J. Souther/John David Souther (US country rock singer-songwriter, guitarist) 1945: Nick Simper (UK bassist; Deep Purple/Quatermass II/Good Old Boys/own bands/freelance) 1946: Tommy Dee (US singer, guitar, keyboard; Dead on Arrival/Tommy Dee Band) 1947: Joe Lala (US drummer, actor, voice actor; many top sessions) 1948: Lulu/Marie Mc Donald Mc Laughlin Lawrie (Scottish singer, songwriter, TV personality) 1953: Reggie Knighton (US guitarist; Grass Roots) 1953: Helios Creed (US singer, guitarist; Chrome).1954: Adam Ant/Stuart Leslie Goddard (UK singer, actor; Adam & the Ants) 1955: Teresa De Sio (Italian singer-songwriter) 1960: 1962: Ian Mc Nabb (UK singer, guitar; Icicle Works/solo) 1962: Marilyn/Peter Robinson (US cross-dressing singer) 1969: Jimmy Keegan (US drummer; session musician / Spock's Beard) 1969: Mark Roberts (Welsh singer, guitar; Catatonia) 1969: Robert Miles/Roberto Concina (Swiss DJ, Producer, Arranger, Mixing) 1967: Steven Wilson (UK guitarist, singer, bass, keyboard, producer; Porcupine Tree) 1972: Phillip Hill (US bass and guitar player; The Queers/Teen Idols/Screeching Weasel/ others). Menke/Franziska Menke (German pop singer) 1961: Les Sampou (US folk singer songwriter) 1961: Edward Knight (American composer) 1961: Daron Hagen (American composer) 1963: Marc Déry (Canadian singer, guitarist; Zébulon) 1963: Rosario Flores (Spanish singer, actress) 1963: Lena Zavaroni (UK singer, guitarist, TV host)/Tomoaki Ishizuka (Japanese guitarist; X Japan/Dope Headz/solo).Mark List Of Sex Cams and its FREE sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls.

We hear a lot about nosy coworkers here — from the person who opened everyone’s paychecks to see what they earned to the pushy dietician who demanded people track and report their eating, and oh so many more. 1934: Gillian Knight (English mezzo-soprano) 1936: Katsuhisa Hattori (Japanese composer) 1937: Whisperin' Bill/Bill Anderson (American country music singer and songwriter).