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“But what about in ten years, when you are supposed to be twenty-six? “We have thousands of years of knowledge we could share with you, Simon. She worked during the day for an environmental nonprofit, and most of her clothes had animal motifs on them.

You could learn how to keep your secret; how to eat and drink, how to speak the name of God. The iron chair was hard and uncomfortable, and he suddenly felt tired. Right now she was wearing a dress tie-dye printed with dolphins and waves, and a pin that had once been a live fish, dipped in resin. - zapyta, zerkajc ostentacyjnie na swoj komrk, ktra powiedziaa mu, e jest 10.30.

“Indeed.” Camille flashed a brilliant smile toward her subjugates. I need to speak to Simon alone.” There was something about the way she said it—both his name, and the word “alone”—that was like a secret caress. The darker spots were punctures, ringed with dry, ragged flesh. * “Please,” said Camille, and patted the seat beside her. “I don’t really drink.” * “Of course,” she said, all sympathy. Some of the oldest of our kind can consume human food with few ill effects.” * Few ill effects? “I have to get home.” * Camille took a sip of her wine. Couldn’t you have done that on a night I didn’t have a date? “‘And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear.’ Is it more than you can bear, Simon? “But then you will never know what I wished to tell you. I’ll keep your secret, unless I think something you say is putting my friends in danger. Simon was used to staying out until all hours with Clary, letting himself in with his key, and collapsing into bed at two in the morning, behavior that hadn’t excited much comment from his mother. He had been in Idris, the Shadowhunters’ home country, for almost two weeks. Simon pomyla o Jasie, ale szybko odepchn od siebie t myl.

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He couldn’t tell her about Camille; he’d promised to keep the vampire’s offer a secret, and while Simon didn’t feel he owed Camille much, if there was one thing he had learned from the past few months, it was that reneging on promises made to supernatural creatures was a bad idea.

* She moved, fitfully, turning her head away from him. Maybe he should wake her up, let her know he was okay. Najstarsi przedstawiciele naszego gatunku moga je nawet ludzkie jedzenie tylko z niewielkimi objawami zatrucia.

But then there would be questions he didn’t want to answer and that hurt look on her face he couldn’t stand. * He had thrown himself down onto the covers and grabbed for the phone on his bedside table, about to dial Clary’s number, before he even thought about it.

Still, he wanted to hear Clary’s voice, the way he always did when he’d had a tough day. Byo co, w sposobie w jaki wypowiedziaa jego imi i zwrot "na osobnoci", co przypominao ukryt pieszczot. Gdy pan Archer odwrci si, by odej, Simon zauway znak na jego szyi, wielki siniak, tak ciemny, e wyglda jakby by namalowany, z dwiema ciemniejszymi plamkami w rodku. Simon przycupn niewygodnie na brzegu twardego, metalowego krzesa.

Well, there was always complaining to her about his love life; that seemed to amuse her no end. Jeszcze mi kawaek zosta ale postaram si to przetumaczy wieczorem. - Camille posaa swoimj niewolnikom czarujcy umiech. Te ciemne plamki byy naciciami otoczonymi przez suche, postrzpione strupy. - Prosz, - powiedziaa Camille, klepic ssiednie miejsce. Man cannot contend with the divine.” * “I don’t know,” Simon said. I don’t really hate Raphael, or want to get rid of him just to get rid of him. That’s all I ever wanted.” * She folded her hands together in front of her. He’d dump it into a trash bin on his way to school. On the nights she was there, he had to push his food around his plate, pretend he wasn’t hungry or that he wanted to take his food into his bedroom so he could eat while studying. Nie moga tego zrobi tego wieczoru, ktrego akurat nie miaem randki.

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